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Debugging & Sweeping

Debugging & Sweeping Services in India

City Detective Services offers the best services in Debugging and Sweepping in all over India.

Today we are in the Modern era of the 21st century where technology has gone through tremendously advance changes to the extent that your workplace, office, house, etc. can be bugged out by anyone anywhere anytime. These Bugging devices are so sophisticated nowadays that you won’t even get a hint and you will be caught in the web by someone at anyplace.

Best Debugging & Sweeping Services

If you doubt that your office has been on a spy and someone is keeping a track on confidential your activities to get the most crucial and essential information than chances are there that your house/office might have been bugged up with pepping devices. Bugs (Such as electronic eavesdropping devices) can destroy your personal, financial, physical or professional well-being to its extreme.

If you feel that your secret pieces of information are being leaked out somewhere through someone, then try to be more vigilant as you are being bugged out by those offensive devices at your home/office and your trustworthy places. Try and realize the alarming situation and do not waste even a single more minute pick up the phone and contact to City Detective Services for tracing, tracking and punishing these bug fixing culprits for maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

For locating these bugs, an initial physical sweeping is conducted in the premises by our expert investigating detectives. It follows by the technical team of city detective service providers. The professional side provides and trained with various latest types of equipment and different ways to use them and identify any tiny bugging hidden audio/video device. They have various hi-tech instruments such as HHMD (Hand Held Metal Detector), Radio Frequency Tracer, Digital CUB, Infrared & thermal sensor, spectrum analyzer, No Linear Junction Detector and know how to handle them efficiently in the emergency as well as for necessary needs to protect our clients safely.

After Completion of screening & sweeping, our expert and experienced dedicated team provides you with a detailed report copy So that, you beware of such mischiefs in future. Our team of experts will also guide you with helpful remedies and various helping techniques to safeguard yourself and your premises. Apart from this you will be suggested with best suited strengthening approachable attempts for the adequate security systems and features in your near vicinity for happy and safe future in rest of your life.