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Property Distribution Services in Delhi

Property Distribution

City Detective Services's does conduct internal and external investigations for corporate world.

Property Distribution Services in India

‘With excellence and experience, City Detective Services has successfully emerged as one of the leading Property Distribution service provider detective agency in India by helping the clients in assessing the actual Property involved in a case to take the correct decision. Our team of detective officers has good experience of procuring even the most complicated Property details that could help you in planning everything properly so that you can easily win in any type of legal lawsuit.

The range of services that we provide in Property Distribution includes:

  • Procuring details Property ownership
  • Deriving information related with the Property location
  • Getting Property registration information
  • Verifying the overall value of the Property
  • Finding encumbrance certificate in case of immovable Property to find the purchase and sale history
  • Assessment of Property tax and information regarding its value
  • Evaluating type of Property such as agricultural, industrial, commercial, residential, time-share, mobile etc.

Apart from this, our team is also offering you suitable advice depending on your prerequisites to offer precise services that you actually require. Our property distribution services are especially offered to help the corporate organizations in conducting asset verification with simplicity. We understand that property distribution for your organization to know about overall property value and it also makes easy for you to manage your income tax and savings. We help the businesses ranging from small companies to multinational organizations in recognizing their property because our dedicated team of detective professionals has in-depth knowledge and skills to locate the exact fund of an organization with perfection.

City Detective Services conducts property distribution very precisely and resolves cases such as:

Company Records: We strive hard and use advanced techniques to procure information regarding your competitor’s in the marketplace to let you know the details about their business partners, capital investment, business location, tax information, details about provident fund so that you could customize your property and their value accordingly to maximize your chances of profit.

Property Records: We also try to get the information about the real owner of the property/land or shop with its real cost valuation. We provide the information with actual evidences and proofs so that you could receive only the accurate information.

Bank Account: We also get the complicate information regarding the bank account such as whether it is savings account or current one, recurring account or fixed deposits.

Besides, the team at City Detective Services is also specialized in conducting thorough asset investigation on movable and immovable properties to help the clients in taking the best decision regarding their property distribution.